Amber Yoga Indygo III, Organic Eye Pillow

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Amber Yoga: Eye Pillow, Sleep, Spa Mask, Aromatherapy, Meditation

DIMENSIONS: 11 x 24 cm, Approx 9 x 3 1/2 (may vary slightly).

FILLING: flax seed + natural Baltic Amber + lavender


DECORATIVE PILLOWCASE: 100% organic cotton, removable

  • Organic cotton. Growing organic cotton reduces water consumption by 80%.
  • Ecological printing on the fabric. Pigments compliant with GOTS 5.0 requirements, with OEKO-TEX 100 certificate (Classes I and II).
  • Environmentally friendly packaging. Recyclable packaging and reduction of plastic waste.


Out of concern for the environment and ecological balance, we have created a collection of Amber Dream Organic pillows.

The pillowcase is made of organic cotton, printed using green printing technology.

Amber Joga Indygo will perfectly fit into your ecological lifestyle.A collection of Eco friendly eye pillows for relaxation.

Amber Yoga

An aromatic eye pillow filled with flax seed, Baltic amber and lavender. Especially designed to block light and visual interference, its weight exerts a slight pressure, causing the muscles around the eyes to relax, thanks to that the body gets an impulse to enter a state of deeper relaxation. LAVENDER scent reduces anxiety, depression and stress, balances your mood and helps you relax and sleep. FLAX SEEDS ensure the perfect amount of acupressure to revitalize your vision, accumulate the heat or cold for a long time thanks to natural oils content. UNPOLISHED AMBER lowers blood pressure, has a calming effect, activates the body to fight diseases and to regenerate.


  • Yoga when performing the Savasana relaxation pose.
  • in meditation
  • it soothes eye and headaches.
  • as a warm compress: preheat the oven to 100 ° c and leave for 10-15min or on a heater.
  • as a cold compress: put a pillow in a bag and leave it in the fridge for about 1 hour.

Baltic Amber

Has been used in natural medicine for centuries. Unpolished has a strengthening and healing effect. It stabilizes the heart rate, regulates blood pressure. It has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory properties. It is recommended for people suffering from insomnia. In addition, it emits negative ions, so it is a natural air ionizer (this is important because we are struggling with smog and live in an environment of electromagnetic waves, therefore in the accumulation of positive ions).


Perfectly fills the pillow and gives it the right weight. It is able to maintain the temperature given to it. When heated, it releases an oil that has a pleasant natural scent.


Lavender has a calming effect, it helps you relax and calm your busy mind.


Wash at temperatures below 40 degrees Celsius, using a special program for delicate fabrics, preferably with a phosphate-free detergent. Set the spin cycle to max. 400 turns.

20 Items
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