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Amber Yoga: Eye Pillow, Sleep, Spa Mask, Aromatherapy, Meditation

The Amber Yoga pillow is intended for relaxation techniques and for use during yoga practice.

It is effective in reducing ailments such as eye strain, sinus pain and migraines.

The pillow can be heated in an oven, microwave or on a radiator. Washable at 30 degrees, in the spin cycle max. 400 turns

DIMENSIONS: 11 x 24 cm, Approx 9 x 3 1/2 (may vary slightly).

FILLING: flax seed + natural Baltic Amber + lavender


DECORATIVE PILLOWCASE: 100% cotton, removable

Amber Yoga


Immerse yourself in deep relaxation.

An aromatic eye pillow filled with flax seed, Baltic amber and lavender. Specially designed to block light and visual interference, its weight exerts a slight pressure, causing the muscles around the eyes to relax, thanks to that the body gets an impulse to enter a state of deeper relaxation.

UNPOLISHED AMBER  lowers blood pressure, has a calming effect, activates the body to fight diseases and to regenerate.

LAVENDER scent reduces anxiety, depression and stress, balances your mood and helps you relax and sleep.

FLAX SEEDS ensure the perfect amount of acupressure to revitalize your vision, accumulate the heat or cold for a long time thanks to natural oils content. 


Wash the pillowcase at temperatures below 40 degrees Celsius, using a special program for delicate fabrics, preferably with a phosphate-free detergent. Set the spin cycle to max. 400 turns. Wash separately. We recommend traditional drying, preferably in a horizontal position. If the material is hung on a string, discoloration may appear at the folds. Avoid rubbing wet material together. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry.

4 Items
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